DJ M•ROK is a boom bap producer and skratch DJ.

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The official music video for Grimy Thirsty is live! Watch video

Out now! Grimy Thirsty is available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

DJ M•ROK teamed with rock band The Fold to create the Pyro Viper Remix for the hit TV series, Ninjago. Suit up and check it out!

DJ M•ROK and emcee Hub City Rhymes have joined forces to create the Rhythm and Bars Vol 1 mixtape. Release date coming soon!

Beats4Daze is now available on all major platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Let the streaming begin!

DJ M•ROK and Kollectiv Music have partnered to bring you Six Shots of Spaghetti Western-fueled boom bap. Available on all major platforms.

The official music video for Rap Sire is live! Watch video

Beats4Daze is in rotation at Chicago’s Urban Alternative Station, 91.1FM.!

The official music video for Wheelie Kids is live. Watch video.

DJ M•ROK dedicated Beats4Daze to hip hop pioneer Paul C. Watch video

DJ M•ROK’s Crooklyn (Fort Greene Twang Mix) is out now. Free Download

The official music video for Let it Roll, Get Bold is live. Watch video.

The first single from DJ M•ROK’s album, Beats4Daze is now available. Stream or download “Let it Roll, Get Bold” on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Also available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

DJ M•ROK’s new album, Beats4Daze is out now! Stream & Download

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DJ M•ROK’s One Mic (Never Say Never Remix) is out now. Free Download

New video for Paradise featuring DJ M•ROK out now. Watch on YouTube

DJ M•ROK provided cuts for select tracks on the Paradise EP from rapper Dirty Needles and producer Kollectiv. Listen Now


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DJ M•ROK is proud to be featured on the 2018 Skratch Music Playlist with DJ QBert, Mixmaster Mike, Chris Karns, JS-1 and more by DJ Needlz.

B-Boy remix of Andy Cooper’s “Ashes to Ashes” from The Free EP Out Now

Wax Nostalgic has been selected as a “Hidden Gem” from Fat Cats Beats.


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Check out the official DJ M•ROK remix of Meiko’s Back in the Game.